ITTE Research Highlights

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The variety and number of projects undertaken are so numerous that to name them all would take its own book, but here are a few examples:

  • Study of on-ramp and off-ramp length
  • Study of alcohol level and driving performance
  • Automobile door latch research
  • Automotive restraint analysis, tests of adult harness and child safety belts
  • Tested automobile headrests as a protection against whiplash
  • Development of full-scale wide-view driving simulator
  • Analysis of the reliability of accident information obtained from off-scene Sources
  • Study of interface between transportation and land use planning in urban areas
  • Study of automatic computers for traffic control
  • Examine distance judgment of colored objects
  • Effectiveness of traffic safety films in driver education
  • Prepare engineering analysis of cargo handling
  • Pursue design of the electric automobile
  • Examine ecology of air transport
  • Analyze transportation planning for the development and management of National Forests
  • Study of asphalt paving and the rate of driver fatigue
  • Determine safe standard length and degree of slope for aircraft runways

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