Since the founding of the school in 1945, UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science faculty and researchers have undertaken cutting-edge research projects in a wide variety of areas. In the last century, engineering recorded its greatest achievements with the widespread development and distribution of electricity and clean water, automobiles and airplanes, radio and television, antibiotics and medical imaging, and computers and the Internet. Many of the discoveries at UCLA Engineering contributed to these modern day advancements. This section highlights some of the most interesting and innovative projects. Consider this just a snapshot of the school’s rich research history.

UCLA Engineering Deans

The UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science has enjoyed a history of strong and innovative leadership since its inception.
• Llewellyn M.K. Boelter: 1944-1965
• Chauncey Starr: 1967-1973
• Russell R. O’Neill: 1974-1983
• George L. Turin: 1983-1986
• A.R. Frank Wazzan: 1986-2001
• Vijay K. Dhir: 2003 – 2015
• Jayathi Murthy: 2016 –

Historical Research Highlights:

Crump Institute for Medical Engineering
Early Air Pollution Research
Engineering Executive Program
Faculty Pioneer Advanced Artificial Limbs
First Demonstration of Reverse Osmosis
Gadjah Mada Project
Hydrogen Powered Car
Human Heat Tolerance
Institute for Transportation and Traffic Engineering
ITTE Research Highlights
Thinking Machines

UCLA Engineering Milestones:

1941 – 1954
1955 – 1964
1965 – 1974
1975 – 1984
1985 – 1994
1995 – 2004
2005 – 2014
2015 – Present