Students Diversity Thrive With Alumni Scholarships

Bridget NavarroBridget Navarro shares her story of receiving an alumni scholarship

I chose to go to UCLA for several reasons. It is in a great location and there are so many things to do in the area. Secondly, UCLA is a world-renowned university and I knew I would get a first-rate education there. Lastly, UCLA is not too far (or too close) to my hometown, so I could visit home whenever I wanted to.

I am currently working with Dr. Terri Hogue in the UCLA Hydrology and Water Resources Lab.  I study the physical and chemical impacts of the Day Fire on Piru Creek Watershed.  My role is to assist in field collection and laboratory experiments evaluating the geo-chemical and physical responses of a watershed to a wildfire.

My experiences as an undergraduate researcher have inspired me to continue my pursuit in scientific research.  My interest in environmental engineering stems from a desire to design water systems that are better equipped for the environment.  My interest in hydrology and physical oceanography stems from my love of physics and my fascination with the ocean.  Ultimately, I want to continue research in these fields because I believe it is the best way I can contribute to our global climate issues.  Along with pursuing my research goals, I also plan on attending Law School and applying my scientific knowledge to where it is needed the most: the world of policy making.

The Doane Family Scholarship in Civil and Environmental Engineering really helped me by alleviating the stress related to finding other ways to pay my way through college.  Rather than having to find a job, I can focus on my studies instead.  My mother is also currently attending school, so this scholarship definitely takes away some burden from her as well.

Alumni donors like Mr. and Mrs. Doane are truly making a difference in student’s lives by helping those who have the passion to learn, without being burdened by financial worries.  Because of my experience being a scholarship recipient, I too want to be able to help students who are pursuing a higher education someday.

The Doane Family Scholarship in Civil and Environmental Engineering was established by Jim Doane ’68 and his wife Jean through the matching challenge scholarship program. To learn more about how you can establish a scholarship for our deserving students, please contact at 310-206-4322.