Student Profiles Page

UCLA Engineering regularly profiles outstanding students who have made significant contributions to the school and their respective fields. Through their work, these individuals embody the school’s mission of enhancing engineering excellence.  


Chris Arakawa ’11

MS ’12 Biomedical Engineering

“Together, my classmates and I, were able to provide students with guidance about future careers in industry and medicine, arrange social events, work with companies to provide student internships, provide input into our academic curriculum, and facilitate networking between faculty, alumni and students. All the while, I made life-long friends and priceless memories.”


Mariel Lising ’12

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

“College is supposed to prepare you for ‘the real world’ so it is great that we have laboratory classes which teach us practices that may be applied in in the working/professional world.”


Bryan Carpentier ’12

Civil & Environmental Engineering

“I feel secure knowing that my persistence for success and degree from UCLA will help me be successful no matter where I go.”


Daniel Quach ’10

MS ’12 Computer Science

“One of the best aspects about completing my Computer Science degree was the opportunity for me to have hands-on, practical experience during my courses.” 


Leo Szeto ’12

Electrical Engineering – Computer Engineering pathway

“While IEEE has been a big piece of my experience as a Bruin engineer, I’m also really grateful that I’ve been able to apply the knowledge that I’ve learned in the classroom into something practical and something that I can be proud of. ”


Brett Beekley ’12

Materials Science and Engineering

“My experience in Germany was one of the most impactful, academically and culturally, during my collegiate career and would not have been financially possible without the support from a scholarship awarded to me by the Materials Science and Engineering Department.”


Kirsten Gradel ’12

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

“My fellow engineering classmates and the engineering groups that I became invested in during my time here at UCLA have influenced and motivated me more than anything.  Being surrounded by friends who share the same passions that you do is such a stimulating environment to be in and I can’t imagine having more genuine and intelligent peers than the ones I’ve had at UCLA.” 


Bridget Navarro ’09

Inconvenient Truth came out, I became really interested in the environment,” said Navarro. “People worldwide still don’t have enough clean, safe water to drink and it remains one of the most pressing environmental issues of the 21st Century.”


Alex Capecelatro


Drew Kirkpatrick ’08

“Every day I am learning something new and doing something I have never done before, which is wonderful and I thank UCLA for giving me the confidence and skills necessary to see problems as opportunities.”


Teresa Ko

“We were talking about how the club scene changes so frequently that it’s just too difficult to keep up with. Wertago makes it possible to find the ideal spot to go while you’re out, even if you’re traveling or new to the area.”


Robyn Woo PhD ’08

“As a chemical engineer, I was taught to approach problems in a chemical engineering way, in terms of material balance, energy balance and chemical potential. But working across disciplines has allowed me to see different approaches to problems and become familiar with other scientific and engineering terms.”


Rafael P. Laufer MS ’08

“It is a great honor to receive this award from such distinguished and respected scientists. Their work has truly revolutionized the way we communicate and access information.”


Campbell, Margaret and Franklin Chiang

“UCLA is moving in the right direction with their multi-disciplinary approach to the Engineering curriculum. The majority of challenges we face today cannot be solved by a single field of thought alone, and I think exposing students to project-based, team-oriented learning is very helpful.”