Student Creativity Center

Task Duration Task Description Point of Contact
Aug 29, 2011-Sep 3, 2011 Cutting metal studs, installation of metal tracks, installation of HVAC & Electrical Component hangers. (noise expected) Lex Kopfer
Aug 29, 2011-
Sep 3, 2011
Excavation, grading and concrete activities are substantially completed at this time. Minor concrete work scheduled next week. (dust expected) Lex Kopfer
Aug 29, 2011-Sep 3, 2011  Possible odor from metal cutting saw. Mitigation – Place away from HVAC Air In-Takes. (fumes possible) Lex Kopfer
Aug 29, 2011-Sep 3, 2011   Shut downs / Closures – 2nd Floor Women’s Restroom Lex Kopfer

Please Contact Lex Kopfer who will be the interface with Facilities Project Manager. The Facilities Project Manager will be the sole contact with the general contractor, per specification by the contracts and guidelines of UC and UCLA.