San Andreas Fault – Hollywood vs. Reality

Description: San Andreas, the Hollywood blockbuster released in 2015, gives us a dramatic perspective of when California’s notorious San Andreas Fault triggers a devastating earthquake that includes crumbling skyscrapers, destruction of the Hollywood sign and a Tsunami that wipes out the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. However, how much of that could actually happen and how long will it be before California experiences an earthquake of that magnitude? Join experts in government, industry and academia as they explore Hollywood vs. reality.

Scott Brandenberg, Associate Professor Civil and Environmental Engineering
Tom Sabol MS ’82, Eng. ’84, PhD ’85, President, Englekirk Structural Engineers
Christine Goulet MS ’04, PhD ’08, Executive Science Director, Southern California Earthquake Center
Jonathan Stewart, Professor and Chair, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Moderator: Sean Ahdi ’13, MS ’14, PhD ’17