Robotics at UCLA

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With 12 research groups pursuing cutting-edge work, UCLA is a leader in robotics research and education. UCLA robotics faculty are working in mechanical and aerospace engineering, computer science, statistics, electrical engineering, mathematics, and architecture and urban design, developing devices for healthcare, industry, aerospace, public safety, home use and more while training students to be tomorrow’s robotics leaders.


bertozzibot-75pxBertozzi Research Group
Working on projects on  cooperative motion and swarming, including the mathematical properties of collective groups and the large scale dynamics that ensues from small scale motion. Other interests include particle laden flow, image processing and big data; and mathematics and simulation of crime.
Principal Investigator: Andrea Bertozzi, Professor of Mathematics, Betsy Wood Knapp Chair for Innovation and Creativity and Director of Applied Mathematics


biomechlab2-75pxBiomechatronics Lab
Dedicated to improving quality of life by enhancing the functionality of artificial hands and their control in human-machine systems.
Director: Veronica Santos, associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering


bionics-75pxBionics Lab
Developing develop science, technology, and human resources at the interface between robotics, biological systems, and medicine.
Director: Jacob Rosen, professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering


scz-lab-75pxCenter for Vision, Cognition, Learning, and Autonomy
Pursue a unified framework for representation, learning, inference and reasoning, and to build intelligent computer systems for real world applications. Projects span four directions: Vision, cognition, learning and autonomy.
Director: Song-Chun Zhu, professor of computer science and statistics.


magix-lab-75pxComputer Graphics & Vision Laboratory
the UCLA Computer Graphics & Vision Laboratory conducts research in computer graphics, computer vision, medical image analysis, computer-aided design and artificial life
Director: Demetri Terzopoulos, Chancellor’s Professor of Computer Science

TeDlab-75pxCybernetic Control Laboratory (CyCLab)
Research in neuronal control mechanism of animal locomotion, nonlinear oscillators, global pattern formation through local interactions, and robust/nonlinear control theory and its applications.
Director: Tetsuya Iwasaki, professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering


flex-75pxFlexible Research Group
Enable the creation of advanced structures, mechanisms and materials that achieve extraordinary capabilities via the deformation of their constituent flexible elements. Areas of interest: microarchitectured materials, additive fabrication, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), precision flexure systems, soft robots, and medical devices.
Director: Jonathan B. Hopkins, assistant professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering


ideaslab-75pxIDEAS Lab
IDEAS serves as an incubator looking beyond architecture’s traditional boundaries to explore topics arising from adjacent fields to explore rapidly emerging new technologies and possibilities for innovation and interdisciplinary growth.
Technology Director: Güvenç Özel, UCLA Architecture and Urban Design


maclab-75pxMechanics and Controls Lab | MaCLab
Focuses on servo control with applications in precision machining, engine control and nanopositioning.
Director: Tsu-Chin Tsao, professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering


printrobot-75px_edited-1Personal and Ubiquitous Robotics Laboratory

Developing on-demand design and fabrication of custom programmable machines. Research interests include cyber-physical systems, on-demand design, rapid fabrication, and autonomous control
Director: Ankur Mehta, assistant professor of electrical engineering


thor-op-75pxRobotics and Mechanisms Laboratory | RoMeLa
Humanoid robots and novel mobile robot locomotion strategies. Research interests are in the area of robot locomotion and manipulation, soft actuators, platform design, kinematics and mechanisms, and autonomous systems.
Director: Dennis Hong, professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering


visionlab-75pxUCLA Vision Lab
Investigating how images can be used to infer properties of the physical world such as shape, motion, location and material properties of objects within. Such understanding is key to developing engineering systems that can “see” and interact intelligently with the world around them.
Director: Stefano Soatto, professor of computer science