Robotics at UCLA

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With 12 research groups pursuing cutting-edge work, UCLA is a leader in robotics research and education.  UCLA robotics faculty are working in  mechanical and aerospace engineering, computer science, statistics, electrical engineering, and architecture and urban design, developing devices for healthcare, industry, aerospace, public safety, home use and more while training students to be tomorrow’s robotics leaders.

bertozzipic-75pxlAndrea Bertozzi
Professor, UCLA Mathematics. Betsy Wood Knapp Chair for Innovation and Creativity. Director of Applied Mathematics
Research: Nonlinear partial differential equations, applied mathematics. Subtopics include thin films, image processing, swarming, and social science applications.
Bertozzi Research Group

dhong-75pxDennis Hong
Professor, UCLA Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Research: Humanoids and Bipedal Robots, Robot Locomotion and Manipulation, Robotic Platforms, Autonomous Vehicles, Machine Design, Kinematics & Mechanisms.
Robotics and Mechanisms Laboratory (RoMeLa)

jhopkins-75pxJonathan B. Hopkins
Assistant Professor, UCLA Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Research: Design, Analysis, and Fabrication of Microarchitectured Materials, Design of Compliant Mechanisms and Flexible Structures, Precision Engineering , Advanced Additive Fabrication.
Flexible Research Group

tiwasaki-75pxTetsuya Iwasaki
Professor, UCLA Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Research: Dynamical Systems, Robust and Optimal Controls, Nonlinear Oscillators, Resonance Entrainment, Modeling and Analysis of Neuronal Circuits for Animal Locomotion, Central Pattern Generators, Body-fluid Interaction During Undulatory and Oscillatory Swimming.
Cybernetic Control Laboratory

amheta-75pxAnkur Mehta
Assistant Professor, UCLA Electrical and Computer Engineering
Research: Printable Robotics, Rapid Design and Fabrication, Control Systems, Wireless Sensor Networks.
Personal and Ubiquitious Robotics Laboratory

gozel-75pxGüvenç Özel
Technology Director, IDEAS Lab, UCLA Architecture and Urban Design
Research: Interactive environments that challenge traditional fabrication techniques and spatial assemblies.


jrosen-75pxJacob Rosen
Professor, UCLA Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Research: Medical Robotics, Medical Devices, Biorobotics, Human-Centered Robotics, Surgical Robotics, Wearable Robotics, Rehabilitation Robotics, Neural Control, Human-Machine Interface, Biomechanics.
Bionics Laboratory

Veronica vsantos-75pxSantos
Associate Professor, UCLA Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Research: Hand Biomechanics, Neural Control of Movement, Grasp and Manipulation, Human-Machine Systems, Prosthetics, Robotics, Haptics, Tactile Sensors, Machine Learning, Stochastic Modeling.
Biomechatronics Laboratory

ssoatto-75pxStefano Soatto
Professor, UCLA Computer Science
Reserch: Computer Vision; Machine Learning; Robotics; Visual Recognition, Detection; 3D Reconstruction; Sensor Fusion, Inertial Sensing; Shape Analysis, Motion Analysis, Texture Analysis, Vision-based Control; Medical Imaging , Autonomous/Intelligent Vehicles; Human-Computer Interaction; Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Tracking, Visual Recognition; Big Data, Machine Learning, Surveillance, Visual Analytics, Content-based Image Retrieval.
UCLA Vision Lab

dt-75pxDemetri Terzopoulos
Distinguished Chancellor’s Professor, UCLA Computer Science
Research: Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, Medical Image Analysis, Computer-Aided Design, Artificial Intelligence/Life.
Computer Graphics and Vision Lab

tctsao-75pxTsu-Chin Tsao
Professor, UCLA Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Research: Modeling and Control of Dynamics Systems with Applications in Mechanical Systems, Manufacturing Processes, Automotive Systems, Energy Systems, Digital Control, Repetitive and Learning Control, Adaptive and Optimal Control, Mechatronics and Robotics.
Mechanics and Controls Laboratory (MaCLab)

sczhu-75pxSong-Chun Zhu
Professor, UCLA Computer Science and Statistics
Research: Computer Vision,  Machine Learning, Cognition, Visual Arts, Statistical Modeling, MCMC Computing, Robot Autonomy.
Center for Vision, Cognition, Learning, and Autonomy