Patrick Donovan ’15, Civil Engineering

I intend to become a leader in the field of engineering one day, but spending my evenings worrying about student loan debt will only hold me back. My scholarship donor’s generosity came at the perfect time, and guaranteed a little more security when I sorely needed it. Contributions to students ease a difficult burden and let us focus on the real reason we became Bruins: to show the world that our hard work will produce the greatest results.

I didn’t think too much about applying to UCLA when I was in high school. In fact, I never visited the campus until the day I moved into the dorms. What drew me to the school were the location, the engineering school’s reputation, and student satisfaction. I consider my decision to attend as one of the single most influential life choices I have made, and I have absolutely no regrets.

My upper-division coursework only increases my interest in structural engineering. I must credit the wide variety of qualified professors for exposing me to the array of academic subjects required to design and construct buildings. More importantly, they consistently do an excellent job of linking these concepts to real-world practice in exactly the way I hoped for when I came to this school.

Student and university organizations alike both make great efforts to help students achieve employment. This level of support is a valued privilege that I will definitely miss when I graduate.

I intern at a structural engineering firm in Long Beach and have had an overwhelmingly positive experience with them so far. My aspirations push the limits of opportunities currently available to me, which brings me to my long-term goals.

I look forward to starting my career as a design engineer. In time, I plan to earn professional civil and structural engineering certifications and become responsible for larger and larger projects. Ideally, I will eventually become a principal engineer at a renowned firm. My dream engineering project is to lead the design of the world’s tallest structure or the first off-planet building, so I will have to work hard and set my sights high