Robotics may drive the future of healthcare

Rosen, who specializes in medical robotics, leads the engineering school’s Bionics Lab. He supervises groups developing both wearable robots—think exoskeletons useful in physical therapy—and surgical robots that enable precise surgeries to be conducted remotely.

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Reducing earthquake risk: 3Qs with Yousef Bozorgnia

Yousef Bozorgnia, professor of civil and environmental engineering, has developed earthquake ground motion models that are used worldwide for the seismic analysis and design of buildings, bridges, infrastructure and critical facilities.

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Nanodiamonds show promise for aiding recovery from root canal

Researchers at the UCLA School of Dentistry and UCLA Engineering found in a clinical trial that nanodiamonds protected disinfected root canals after the nerve and pulp were removed, thereby improving the likelihood of a full recovery. The findings are a milestone for the use of nanodiamonds in humans.

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UCLA Big Bang Theory scholars

The students are the latest recipients of the Big Bang Theory Scholarship Endowment, which provides need-based support to UCLA students pursuing degrees in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

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