National Anthem Singer


Jaclyn Yangyuen was the national anthem singer and was selected in a competitive process. She will be graduating in the fall of 2017 with a degree in electrical engineering. In her four years at UCLA, Jackie has dedicated herself to organizations that encourage inclusivity and creativity: IEEE WATT (Women Advancing Tech through Teamwork), YOUTHphonics a cappella, and PAQ (Pan-Asian Queers). She is excited for this upcoming summer, where she will be returning as an Audio-Video Acoustical Engineering intern at Walt Disney Imagineering.

What was your favorite class and why?

My favorite class was EE 114, Speech and Image Processing Systems Design. I loved this class because it took theoretical and math-heavy concepts from previous courses and applied them to actual images and waveforms. My goal is to become an audio engineer, so getting the opportunity to design filters and apply them to sound files was exciting. Plus, Professor Villasenor was a great professor who never tired of talking beyond the scope of the course whenever I wanted to know more about a particular topic.

What was your favorite memory of your time at UCLA?

I teach an after school music class at Fairfax High School with YOUTHphonics, a community service a cappella group. Our group came into existence to fill a need in the LAUSD for a choir program, since budget cuts in 2007-2008 left this school without one. We teach students who have never read sheet music before, and by the end of the year, we bring them to UCLA to perform with us at our end-of-the-year concert and inspire them to consider going to college. I will never forget the proud moment when our students, who were all graduating seniors and were our students for several years, performed a quartet a cappella cover of “Dear Future Husband” all on their own. Never in YOUTHphonics history had we had a group of students who sang an arrangement without us singing with them, and our alumni could hardly believe how far our program has come since its founding. I cried as I watched our students own the stage because I knew then that I had made a difference in their lives.

How did you become interested in singing?

I have been singing since I was five years old, but what got me serious about singing was my school’s choir. I was in the school chamber choir from sixth grade all the way until my senior year of high school, and then I joined YOUTHphonics a cappella at UCLA. Singing has always been a way for me to express myself and to share my love for music.

What clubs/organizations were you part of at UCLA?

In these past four years, I have dedicated myself to organizations that encourage inclusivity and creativity. I am the co-founder and the first Internal President of the new UCLA IEEE WIE chapter, WATT (Women Advancing Tech through Teamwork). This group means a lot to me because I care deeply about embracing diversity, especially within the engineering community. I have also been singing with YOUTHphonics a cappella since my first year, and through this community service group I have helped teach an after-school music class at a local underprivileged high school. I am a four-year member but also this year’s leader of PAQ (Pan-Asian Queers), an LGBT social group that discusses the intersectionality of culture and identity.