Mary Okino: Assistant Dean, CFO

MOkino2Mary Okino, Assistant Dean and CFO, oversees all of the school’s finances, including state funds, contracts and grants as well as gifts and endowments. She also manages departmental allocations and financial controls within the school.

In addition, she administers the school’s human resources procedures. Her administrative duties include addressing policy issues, ensuring school wide compliance with university regulations, and preparing reports for the Chancellor’s Office.

Prior to joining the school in 2002, she served as management services officer (MSO) for Atmospheric Sciences, where she oversaw the department’s finances, worked closely with the chair to achieve departmental objectives, and assisted incoming faculty with lab and office set-up. Preceding this position, she was director of the Math and Science Scholars Program in addition to being a counselor in Mathematics.

She received her Ed.D. in 2004 from UCLA and her B.S. in applied mathematics from UCLA in 1993.

Okino’s dissertation examines potential reasons for the achievement gap among students in the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program. AVID is designed to prepare middle and high school students, particularly those in the middle for a college career.


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