Taj and Asad Madni ’69, MS ’72, Parents MS ’08, MS ’12

Taj and Asad Madni are firm believers that a successful career that does not result in philanthropy is an incomplete career. They further believe that there is no greater way to give back than to touch the life of a young student. After receiving his BS and MS degrees from the UCLA department of electrical sciences and engineering, Asad Madni had a successful career at Systron Donner Corporation, serving eventually as chairman, president and CEO. In 1990, he led the merger between Systron Donner and BEI Electronics, and then served as President, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technical Officer at the newly formed BEI Technologies until his retirement in 2006. He is a distinguished scientist and distinguished adjunct professor of electrical engineering at UCLA, a consultant, and executive managing director and CTO of Crocker Capital, a venture firm specializing in emerging technologies.

Asad Madni: I came to UCLA in 1968 because of its excellent reputation in engineering and its unparalleled Southern California location. While I have numerous wonderful memories of my student days, the memories I cherish most are of my son Jamal, who came to UCLA in 2006 and earned a MSEE in 2008 and a MSBME in 2012. It is truly hard to relate in words the joy of seeing my son at my old stomping grounds, working in the same labs that I did, and being a very active student body member. The loyal tailgating by father and son, in following our Bruin football and basketball teams, are also indelible memories.

One of our favorite events is the UCLA Engineering Scholarship Brunch, where donors and students get to know each other and develop a common bond. Each time Taj and I have met the student who has been the recipient of our scholarship, we have felt a deep sense of gratitude that in some small way we are contributing to this young person’s dreams.

These young students will be the leaders of tomorrow and will affect human destiny in ways that we may not be able to conceive today. This is what motivated Taj and I to establish an endowed scholarship at UCLA, an institution that provided me with sound education that played a significant role in my successful career.