Lab Access

Access to a Research Laboratory

Safety is of paramount importance to all people within HSSEAS. To ensure laboratory safety, all research personnel must be properly trained. To gain access to a research laboratory in HSSEAS (a key or electronic access), you need to take the following steps and complete them:

  1. Contact your department’s management service officer or other designated staff who handle new hires and you should be given the following information:
    1. An up-to-date schedule of the EHS Safety Training Course: Training Matrix
    2. Research Laboratory Hazard Assessment and Personal Protective Equipment Use
    3. A list of Chemical Use Hazards: Particularly Hazardous Substances
    4. A key request form
  2. Attend and complete the following EHS laboratory safety training courses:
    1. Laboratory Safety Fundamental Concepts
      This is required for ALL researchers.  NO exceptions.
    2. Any additional laboratory safety training course required for your research
      – This should be done in consultation with the PI/research advisor.
  3. Complete the key request form and submit it along with the EHS certificates on the safety courses.