Jean Doane ’67 and Jim Doane ’70

Proud Bruins, Jean and Jim Doane met on campus during their time at UCLA and got married soon thereafter. Jim received his BS from UCLA Engineering. Jean received her BA in English Literature. Although they chose very different fields of study and eventually followed very different career paths, they both share a sense of loyalty and indebtedness to UCLA.

Jim: I owe UCLA so much. Here, I received an engineering education second to none, an amazing education that allowed me to have a career that has been a lot of fun. I feel like a professional basketball player – I get to do something that I enjoy and people want to pay me to do it. Because of UCLA, I have been blessed not only with meeting my wife but also with this unique opportunity to enjoy my vocation. For the good of the profession and the good of society, Jean and I endowed the Doane Family Scholarship in Civil and Environmental Engineering to provide for graduates who, without the aid of similar scholarships, might not be able to complete their education and use that education for the public good. Jean and I are happy to have made this modest payback for all the benefits that UCLA gave us.

Jean: This investment has paid off for us in a big way. It has brought us back to the campus we love and it has given us the opportunity to get to know some of the most amazing students one could ever hope to meet. We both feel quite fortunate to be connected with our scholarship recipients. They have all been capable, diligent and brilliant young people. More than that, they are young people who seek to make the world a better place. To be able to offer them encouragement and some financial support is a privilege. We are grateful for the opportunity to help.