Impact Stories

Jean Doane ’67 and Jim Doane ’70

doanes_smProud Bruins, Jean and Jim Doane met on campus during their time at UCLA and got married soon thereafter. Jim received his BS from UCLA Engineering. Jean received her BA in English Literature. Although they chose very different fields of study and eventually followed very different career paths, they both share a sense of loyalty and indebtedness to UCLA.


James N. Harger ’80

harger_smJim Harger recently attended his son’s graduation from Rice University and is putting his daughter through her sophomore year at Chapman University. He feels so blessed to be able to afford the college expenses for his children and understands the importance of giving back to his alma mater. Jim said, “Today, a UCLA education costs more than 10 times what my parents spent on me in the late ‘70s – a stretch for most families, especially for those who are funding two or more college tuitions at the same time. So knowing that my endowment will help make it a little easier for some UCLA engineers in perpetuity is very fulfilling.”


Taj and Asad Madni ’69, MS ’72, Parents MS ’08, MS ’12

madni_smTaj and Asad Madni are firm believers that a successful career that does not result in philanthropy is an incomplete career. They further believe that there is no greater way to give back than to touch the life of a young student. After receiving his BS and MS degrees from the UCLA department of electrical sciences and engineering, Asad Madni had a successful career at Systron Donner Corporation, serving eventually as chairman, president and CEO.

Patrick Donovan ’15, Civil Engineering

donovan_smI intend to become a leader in the field of engineering one day, but spending my evenings worrying about student loan debt will only hold me back. My scholarship donor’s generosity came at the perfect time, and guaranteed a little more security when I sorely needed it. Contributions to students ease a difficult burden and let us focus on the real reason we became Bruins: to show the world that our hard work will produce the greatest results.


Steven Moran ‘16

moran_smThe Berman Family Undergraduate Scholarship has had a tremendous impact on my career as a student at UCLA. I come from a middle-class family that does not qualify for financial aid, so the scholarship eases the burden on my family and allows me to focus more fully on my studies instead of searching for a job or other sources of income.


Kelsey Wittels ’15 – Civil Engineering

wittels_smIf you were to ask me what it means to be an engineer, I wouldn’t say it means to be stuck behind a computer crunching numbers, like you commonly hear. I would say it means a life of observing the world around you, finding tangible solutions and, most importantly, having the courage to implement them. Whether I am working on a rainwater catchment system in Nicaragua or a mass-dampening system for a building in downtown L.A., engineering will always be substantial part of my life. Thank you all for your support.