Emergency Response Plan

The HSSEAS Emergency Response Plan is an extension of the campus wide effort to ensure safety and successful educational endeavors that directly relate to our school’s unique environment.

Planning today greatly impacts how quickly the school and each department can get back to business or critical research after an earthquake, fire or flood, loss of critical infrastructure, a terrorist attack, civil unrest or other calamity.

Developed in consultation with UCLA Emergency Management, the HSSEAS school wide Emergency Response Plan (the link shown below) is to be tested, exercised, updated and revised annually by the school with feedback from all members in the school.

New hires must receive orientation on emergency preparedness procedures and practices by the department. The school will provide annual emergency preparedness orientation in the fall for all new hires and Graduate Student Researchers.

The HSSEAS Emergency Response Plan was last updated: December 2014.

HSSEAS Emergency Response Plan

The HSSEAS Emergency Team Roster was last updated: December 2014

HSSEAS Emergency Team Roster