Hsseas Erp Team Annual Breakfast

Emergency Response Plan’s

Team Annual Breakfast

& Summary


When: November, 27 2012

Where: UCLA Faculty Center

Host: Dean Chang

Guest Speaker: Injury Prevention Division Mgr, Cindy Burt and Deputy Fire Marshal, Daniel Sifuentes

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General  Summary: 

This year’s breakfast opened with a welcome by Dean Chang.
She was followed by guest speaker Cindy Burt and Daniel Sifuentes of EH&S.
The presentation focused on injury management and fire facts.

The breakfast ended with Fire Marshal, Steve Jurado. Steve
was very satisfied with the progress we have shown in the execution of our fire
drills. Remember that re-entry of a building after a fire alarm is not signaled by the
cessation of the fire alarm
. It is
only safe to re-enter the building after emergency officials signal that the
building has been cleared for re-entry.
Please contact Lex Kopfer about
which emergency officials are stationed at which entrance to signal the
official all-clear for re-entry.

Another reminder raised in the meeting is to check a closed
door for heat before opening in the event of a fire emergency: if the door is
hot or if smoke is seeping in, do not open it. Find an alternate route or call
911. If it is cool, open it cautiously.

A point was made that floor wardens should not argue with
individuals who do not comply with evacuation protocol. Floor wardens are there
to notify people to evacuate but are not responsible for enforcing evacuation.
If a floor warden does encounter any resistance when they are notifying
occupants to evacuate, they should report the incident to both Lex Kopfer and
the Associate Dean, Dean Chang. 

A great many thanks goes out to
our emergency team members and all the support of UCLA’s Emergency Management
officers in helping us keep our school prepared!