A monthly summary of UCLA Engineering news | October 2017

Can a robot feel? | Newsweek
“Our latest skin prototype creates many new possibilities for machine learning-based approaches for advancing robot capabilities.”—Veronica Santos of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Also in Geekwire, Engadget, Yahoo!, and Daily Mail (UK)

Cleaning up the Santa Susana Field Lab is all about the numbers | NBC4-Los Angeles
“There was ample evidence that contaminants have migrated off-site.”—Yoram Cohen of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Four challenges to going to Mars
| Los Angeles Times
“The challenges are immense, but also inspiring.”—Richard Wirz, director of the UCLA Plasma and Space Propulsion Lab in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Book the next rocket to New York?
| Los Angeles Times
“You may end up saving some number of hours, but… there would have to be hours on either end of you embarking and disembarking on your trip.”—Richard Wirz

Can lifestyle changes reduce carbon footprint? | Fox News
“Ruminant animals have an extra impact in that their natural process produces methane…and that’s a really highly potent greenhouse gas.”—Jennifer Jay of Civil and Environmental Engineering

AI optimizes drugs to combat agriculture parasites | Phys.org
“Feedback system control is a game-changing technology for designing drug combinations.”—Chih-Ming Ho of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Also in UCLA Engineering.

Nine exceptional researchers join the UCLA Engineering faculty | UCLA Engineering
The school welcomes nine new faculty members in 2017-18. Members include world leaders in biomaterials, AI, earthquake engineering, and other critical research areas.

The synergy between robotics and medicine
| Korea Biomedical Review
“As doctors strive to save lives, I am also working to save lives through the study of robotics.”—Dennis Hong of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

‘True robot tech is no science fiction’
| The Korea Herald
“I develop technology to help people, to give them freedom, to give them independence, to give people happiness… That is what drives me and I believe it is the key to change the world.”—Dennis Hong

Deep learning reconstructs holograms
| Phys.org
“This deep learning based framework opens up a myriad of opportunities to design fundamentally new coherent imaging systems.”—Aydogan Ozcan of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Tour the new Engineering VI building
| Daily Bruin (Podcast)
Constructing a space for engineers is no easy feat. After all, how does one create a space high-tech enough to impress the leading minds of the field?

New method to measure cell stiffness could lead to improved cancer treatments
| UCLA Engineering
“Measuring cells with our calibrated instrument is like measuring time with a standardized clock.” – Amy Rowat of Bioengineering

How green are electric vehicles? | American Recycler
“Recycling the metals within EV batteries such as nickel or lithium would be the next step in making the automobile transportation sector even cleaner.”—Rajit Gadh of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


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