A monthly summary of UCLA Engineering news | November 2017

Invention makes hydrogen cars more affordable | Design Engineering
“Now you can make both electricity and fuel with a single device.” —Richard Kaner, Materials Science and Engineering. Also in The Economic Times, UCLA Newsroom, R&D Magazine

The mystery of four Legionnaires’ cases
| Los Angeles Times
“It’s too early to point fingers at Disneyland.”—Sanjay Mohanty, Civil and Environmental Engineering. Also in Associated Press, Washington Post

Women in science and film | Sloan Film Summit
Danijela Cabric of Electrical and Computer Engineering discusses how she demonstrated the fastest frequency hopping to date based on 1930s actress Hedy Lamarr’s invention.

Engineers use deep learning to reconstruct holograms | UCLA Newsroom
Research led by Electrical and Computer Engineering’s Aydogan Ozcan will help produce accurate images quickly to aid diagnostic medicine.

How “Lo” ushered in the internet
| BBC Mundo (Spanish)
Computer Science’s Leonard Kleinrock explains how “Lo” became the first word sent over the internet. Also on MSN (Spanish)

From roboticist to Olympic torchbearer
| The Korea Times
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering’s Dennis Hong will carry the torch in the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang. Also on Olympic.org

Blizzard CEO: Break large projects into bite-size pieces | UCLA Engineering
Alumnus Mike Morhaime (’90) addressed Bruin Engineers as part of the Ronald and Valerie Sugar Distinguished Speaker Series.

Engine test failure not necessarily a setback
| Los Angeles Times
“Qualification tests are generally used to test new designs, changes in operating conditions or even slight modifications to a part.” –Richard Wirz, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

The app that’s modernizing house calls
Alumnus Nick Desai (’92), Heal co-founder and CEO, discusses the on-demand house call app for health care.


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