A monthly summary of UCLA Engineering news | July 2017

UCLA-led research offers clear evidence for Majorana particle | The Independent
Finding, published in Science, could provide the vehicle for carrying ‘qubits’ of data in quantum computing. Also in Science News, UCLA Newsroom.

UCLA grabs the top spot among 225 universities in business creation
| Los Angeles Times
UCLA beat Stanford, MIT and Caltech for generating the most startups. Article features Water Planet, founded by Civil and Environmental Engineering’s Eric Hoek.

Where’s the beef? Reducing our carbon footprint through vegan meat
| KCRW-FM Los Angeles
Amy Rowat from Bioengineering and Jenny Jay from Civil and Environmental Engineering explain vegan meat and beef’s impact on the environment.

A new generation of giant rockets is about to blast off
| Los Angeles Times
Ann Karagozian from Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering comments on new rocket fuels. Is methane a possibility?

How fragile is our energy infrastructure?
| Los Angeles Times
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering’s Rajit Gadh provides expert opinion.

Californians take a shine to solar power
| Agence France-Presse
Rajit Gadh, director of the UCLA Smart Grid Energy Research Center, stays optimistic about solar power.

Burden of proof: Sexual assault on campus
| The Washington Post
Op-ed from Electrical Engineering and Public Policy’s John Villasenor. Probability models shows that low standards of proof risk false convictions.

No, the laws of Australia don’t override the laws of mathematics
| Brookings Institution
“Policy solutions need to be developed with a clear understanding of the realities that relate to encryption.”—John Villasenor, Electrical Engineering and Public Policy

Smartphones reach striking levels of sophistication | BioPhotonics Magazine
Smartphone-based fluorescence microscopy is proving useful for diagnostic use according to Electrical Engineering’s Aydogan Ozcan.

Watch: Gaurav Sant testifies on carbon dioxide emission solutions
| U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space and Technology
Civil and Environmental Engineering’s Gaurav Sant testified on carbon upcycling which converts carbon dioxide into a novel building material, CO2NCRETE. Written testimony can be found here, and the full committee hearing may be viewed here.


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