HEADLINES is the monthly summary of UCLA Engineering news | JANUARY 2017

For the third straight year, UCLA Engineering’s Online Master’s program ranked #1
The program received high marks in all criteria, including top scores for student services and technology, admissions selectivity.

New Design Could Offer Phones Unlimited Bandwidth | Popular Mechanics
The UCLA team’s design could offer what has been the dream for years: unlimited bandwidth, no matter the situation.

Aerospace firms step up their competition with Silicon Valley for young engineers | Los Angeles Times
Dean Murthy urges defense companies to engage with UCLA students on campus to prevail in this highly competitive environment.

Machine lets your smartphone analyze DNA | Popular Science
The phone-turned-microscope designed by a UCLA Engineering-led team brings DNA sequencing capabilities to remote locations. Also in PC Mag and Quartz.

Nanoparticles improve melting and solidification for manufacturing processes
New research heralds revolutionary improvements in fields as diverse as manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and energy storage.

Defense grant for robotic ordnance disposal
Professor Veronica Santos received a major Office of Naval Research grant for her work in robotic search and retrieval of buried objects. Watch an NSF video on her work here.

Two new endowed chairs established by gifts from alumni
The new chairs will support the addition of world-class faculty to help meet UCLA Engineering’s aggressive expansion plans.


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