Monthly summary of international news coverage of UCLA Engineering | DECEMBER 2016

botBalloon-bodied bipedal bot bounces beautifully | Popular Science
UCLA Engineers, led by Professor Dennis Hong, are developing a balloon-bodied robot that always stays upright. Also in BBC News; Gizmodo; Tech Crunch; Motherboard and IEEE Spectrum.

jarahiFoundation funds first of 50 fellows in $34 million plan | IEEE Spectrum
Professor Mona Jarrahi was one of five recipients of The Moore Foundation’s inaugural class of inventor fellows. Also in Silicon Valley Business Journal; Venture Beat.

data_networkPolicy and Social Implications of Named Data Networking | Communications of the ACM
A UCLA-led team of computer scientists write on the potential social impact of a proposed future Internet architecture. Also in Motherboard.

robotFor robots, artificial intelligence gets physical | ScienceNews
To work with humans, machines need to sense the world around them. UCLA Engineering Professor Veronica Santos and her former student Randall Hellman are featured.

cementUCLA team turns CO2 into building material | BNN
UCLA researchers are working on a building material that is made from carbon dioxide emissions. They are semi-finalists in the Carbon XPrize challenge.

smart_homeAlarm grows as smart home technology risks proliferate | CNBC
CNBC interviewed internet pioneer and UCLA computer science professor Leonard Kleinrock on the hacking of smart home technologies.

jagged_nanowiresJagged wires said to enable better fuel cell performance | New Electronics
An international team, led by UCLA and Caltech researchers, has demonstrated that, by using jagged platinum nanowires, the amount of precious metal used as catalysts in hydrogen fuel cells could be reduced significantly.

internetHow the Internet was born: from the ARPANET to the Internet, Part 4 | The Conversation
A four-part series on commemorating the anniversary of the first ever message sent across the ARPANET, the progenitor of the Internet in Oct. 1969, from UCLA to Stanford Research Institute. Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.


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