A monthly summary of UCLA Engineering news | December 2017

Transforming carbon from pollutant to product
| The Wall Street Journal
“What we’re trying to do is build a really large LEGO set for adults, but which you can use for construction.” – Gaurav Sant, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Mummified Egyptian woman’s portrait mapped in incredible detail | Live Science
Macroscale multimodal chemical imaging “will revolutionize the way important and irreplaceable archaeological materials are analyzed.” — Ioanna Kakoulli, Materials Science and Engineering. Also in Artnet News, Phys.org, Scienmag, Technology Networks

From roboticist to Olympic torchbearer
| New York Post
HUBO (humanoid robot) received the torch from Prof. Dennis Hong, founding director of the Robotics and Mechanisms Laboratory at UCLA. Also in The Verge, Daily Mail, The Korea Times

A movable water treatment system developed at UCLA fits in a shipping container
| Water Deeply
Yoram Cohen of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering says the goal is to help small communities run traditional water treatment plants themselves.

The first message to be sent via internet
| KCBS-TV’s “Innovation Nation” Los Angeles
In 1969 researchers at UCLA were working on transmitting a message a few hundred miles up the coast to the Stanford Research Institute.

V2G: Are We There Yet? | BeFutureReady
We still must fine-tune the technology – e.g., deep versus shallow discharge options – and market incentives to make V2G profitable for all.” — Rajit Gadh, director of the Smart Grid Energy Research Center

What is net neutrality? | KNBC-TV Los Angeles
“The internet was working fine prior to 2015, and so there hasn’t been a lot of evidence suggesting that these rules have actually solved a problem.” – John Villasenor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

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