Endowed Chairs

Endowed chairs and professorships are reserved for distinguished scholars and teachers. An endowed chair or professorship provides funds to a chair holder in support of his or her teaching, research and service.

  • Ben Rich Lockheed Martin Chair in Advanced Aerospace Technologies – Chih-Ming Ho
  • Carol and Lawrence E. Tannas, Jr., Chair in Engineering – Yang Yang
  • Charles P. Reames Chair in Electrical Engineering – Alan Willson, Jr
  • Edward K. and Linda L. Rice Term Chair in Materials Science – Gaurav Sant
  • Evalyn Knight Chair in Engineering – Ali Mosleh
  • Jonathan B. Postel Chair in  Computer Science – Lixia Zhang
  • Jonathan B. Postel Chair in Networking – Mario Gerla
  • Leonard Kleinrock Term Chair in Computer Science – vacant
  • Levi James Knight Jr. Chair in Engineering – vacant
  • L.M.K. Boelter Chair in Engineering – vacant
  • Nippon Sheet Glass Company Chair Materials Science – Bruce S. Dunn
  • Norman E. Friedmann Chair in Knowledge Sciences – Carlo Zaniolo
  • Northrop Grumman Chair in Electrical Engineering/Electromagnetics – Yahya Rahmat-Samii
  • Northrop Grumman Chair in Electrical Engineering – Tatsuo Itoh
  • Northrop Grumman Opto-Electronic Chair in Electrical Engineering – Bahram Jalali
  • Raytheon Chair in Electrical Engineering – Kang Wang
  • Raytheon Chair in Manufacturing Engineering – Xiaochun Li
  • Ralph M. Parsons Chair in Chemical Engineering – James C. Liao
  • Richard G. Newman AECOM Chair in Civil Engineering – William W-G. Yeh
  • Rockwell International Chair in Engineering – J. John Kim
  • Ronald and Valerie Sugar Chair in Engineering – Jason Speyer
  • Symantec Term Chair in Computer Science – Jennifer Wortman Vaughan
  • Traugott and Dorothea Frederking Chair in Cryogenics – vacant
  • Volgenau Chair in Engineering – vacant
  • William Frederick Seyer Chair in Materials Electrochemistry – Jane Chang
  • William D. Van Vorst Chair in Chemical Engineering Education – vacant
  • Wintek Chair in Electrical Engineering – M. C. Frank Chang

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