EAA Committees

Committees are the working bodies of the Engineering Alumni Association Governing Board and include Board members and other active alumni. Committee chairs are elected at the first meeting of the fiscal year and are responsible for all activities affiliated with their committee.


Alumni Awards Committee

  • Defines award criteria;
  • Solicits and reviews nominations;
  • Recruits selection committee;
  • Reviews selection committee recommendations; and
  • Plans awards presentation event.
  • May include members who do not serve on the Governing Board

Executive Committee

  • Reports committee activities to the entire Board, and sets committee direction and priorities;
  • Selects dates for Governing Board meetings;
  • Sets agendas for Board meetings; and
  • Reviews and updates the Bylaws and Strategic Plan as needed.
  • Members are elected officers of the Governing Board and chairs of the standing committees.


Membership and Nominating

  • Identifies potential candidates for the Board;
  • Reviews new member nominations;
  • Reviews current members whose terms have expired;
  • Recommends select members for reelection;
  • Identifies candidates from the Board for officer positions.

Alumni Engagement Committee

  • Help build a community of likeminded Bruin Engineers that can help inspire the next generation of engineers
  • Interface with alumni and provide feedback to the alumni association and school leadership
  • Develop activities and events that allow alumni to network and provide mentorship opportunities for students
  • Build program and event content that promotes the priorities of the school

Student Projects Committee

  • Review student projects for funding provided by the Engineering Alumni Association
  • Serve as an advisors to UCLA Engineering student groups by assisting them with event planning, conferences and competitions
  • Provide students with technical expertise and networking opportunities with industry

If you are interested in participating in committee activities or learning more about these committees, please e-mail the Office of External Affairs at UCLAEngineering@support.ucla.edu or call (310) 206-0678.