Donor Impact–Leadership Giving/Dean’s Visionaries

As of June 30 (completion of 2016 fiscal year)

Dean’s Visionaries

The Dean’s Visionaries are individuals who have committed $1 million or more over the course of their lifetimes to support the UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science.

Degrees listed for UCLA Alumni

Muriel K.* ’50 and Robert B. Allan*


John Burnett

Robert N. Crane MS ’65, PhD ’70

Marjorie L.* ’46 and Ralph E. Crump ’50

Phyllis F. and James L. Easton ’59

Dorothea H. and Traugott H. K. Frederking*

Amelia and B. John Garrick MS ’62, PhD ’68

Rhodine R. and Jack Gifford* ’63

Grace and Hyley Huang

Therese Kerze-Cheyovich*

Jennifer Liang and W. N. Lin

Jui-Chuan Yeh MPH ’96 and Fang Lu MS ’88, ENG ’89, PhD ’92

Emmy and David Mong ’84

Mukund Padmanabhan MS ’89, PhD ’92

Deborah A. and Charles P. Reames MS ’80, ENG ’82, PhD ’85

Linda L. and Edward K. Rice

Susan F. and Henry Samueli ’75, MS ’76, PhD ’80

Jacqueline ‘69 and Oscar M. Stafsudd, Jr. ’59, MS ’61, PhD ’67

Joan and Herbert Stark ’57

Valerie ’71 and Ronald D. Sugar ’68, MS ’69, PhD ’71

Carol A. and Lawrence E. Tannas, Jr. ’59, MS ’61

Sara L. and Ernst Volgenau PhD ’66

V. M. Watanabe ’72

King K.M. Wong ’94