Donor Impact–Leadership Giving/Lifetime Members

As of June 30 (completion of 2016 fiscal year)

Lifetime Members

Lifetime members are individuals who have committed $100,000 or more over the course of their lifetimes to support the UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science.

Degrees listed for UCLA Alumni

Anonymous (6)

Miriam O. and Sheldon G. Adelson

Mahfuz Ahmed

Mohini and Balu Balakrishnan MS’’76 P

Evelyn* and Paul Baran* MS ’59

Stephen D. Bechtel, Jr.

Wanlyn and Benton Bejach

Sharon ’91 and Mark Berman MS ’92, PhD ’95

Helen S.* and Llewellyn M. Boelter*

Alyne G.* and Leon W. Camp*

Susan and Ivan Catton ’59, PhD ’66

Sigrid L. Thorstenberg and Vinton G. Cerf MS ’70, PhD ’72

Josephine Cheng ’75, MS ’77 and Michael Y. Pong

Jin Hee Choi and Youngsoo Cha P

Hilda C.’85 and C. Robert Chow ’83, MS ’85

Alan P. Cutter ’61, MBA ’64

Stanley A. Dashew*

Una Davis and Kirk Kerkorian*

Pedro J. del Nido

Jean ’70 and James Doane ’68

Roy Doumani ’57 and Carol Doumani

Natalie and Robert E. Englekirk MS ’65, PhD ’70 P

Thelma* and Gerald Estrin*

Lyudmila and Herschel R. Evans ’91

Lydia J.* and Kenneth I. Friedman* ’61

Irene C. Kassorla ’63, MA ’65 and Norman E. Friedmann ’50, MS ’52, PhD ’57

Barry J. Forman ’60, MS ’62

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Richard L. Gay* ’73, MS ’73, PhD ’76

Margaret E. Phillips ’70, PhD ’90 and Mario Gerla MS ’70, PhD ’73 P

H. P. Gillis

Beverly J. ’59 and Bruce E. Gladstone ’57, MS ’62

Sandra and Ramon A. Gomez ENG ’90, PhD ’93

Gwendolyn O. and Eugene C. Gritton ’63, MS ’65, PhD ’67

Gerry Hall ’06

Kevin G. Hall P

Lauren and James N. Harger ’80

Sudha Neelakantan and Venkatesh Harinarayan MS ’90

Ernest R. Harris* ’49

Robert Hawley MS ’91, PhD ’97

Doris B. and Franklin J. Henderson MS ’66

Sonya and Jerome Hollander ’48

Hua J. Chang MBA ’88 and Jau-Hsiung Huang MS ’85, PhD ’88

Sandy and Scott W. Huseth DDS ’83

The-Chao C. and Jiunn C. Hsu MS ’66, PHD ’71

Anu and B. V. Jagadeesh

Margy and George V. Jiran*

Laurene P. and Steven P. Jobs*

Celia ’89 and Robin B. Joshi ’89, MS ’91, PhD ’95

Linda P. B. Katehi MS ’81, PhD ’84 and Spyros I. Tseregounis MS ’82, PhD ’84

Toshiko and Ryoichi Kikuchi*

Chang-Jin Kim

Caroline and Sidney Kimmel

Elizabeth Argue Knesel

Evalyn* and Levi J. Knight, Jr.*

Ryo Kokubu

Linda A. ’81 and La Roc L. Kovar ’81

Leslie M. Lackman

Danmei Lee and Yang Yang P

Ruigang Li

Ivy and Joseph Liao

Janq-Yann Lin PhD ’87

Yen Ting Lin MS ’11

Lily and Robert P. Lin*

Susan* and Tung H. Lin*

Daniel C. Lynch MA ’65

Gowhartaj A. and Asad M. Madni ’69, MS ’72 P

Rosita N.* and Ajit K. Mal

Dennis Maynard ’69

Ellen A. McNulty Horn* and Peter A. Horn*

Kathleen J. and Mark J. Miller MS ’82

Mumtaz L. and Imtiaz A. Mohammady ’93

Leslie A. Momoda ’85, MS ’87, PhD ’90 and James D. Barrie ’83, MS ’85, PhD ’88

Henry T. Nicholas, III ’82, MS ’85, PhD ’98

Stacey E. Nicholas ’85, MS ’87

Beatrix F.* and Martin Padway*

Smita P.* and Pankaj S. Patel P

Lenore Simon and Michael Phelps ’71, MS ’71

Virginia* and Simon Ramo

John E. Rex ’74

Margaret J. ’43 and Louis B. Rockland* ’40, MS ’47, PHD ’48

Jamie K. and Kenneth L. Rosenblood

Shirley H. Rubin* ’56

Dorothy Rubin

Sandy Wu and Shioupyn Shen PhD ’91

Shiva Shivakumar ’94

Joyce and Alfred W. Sommer

Michele and Patrick Soon-Shiong

Kirsten L. Sommer ’60 and Richard Stevenson

Anne-Marie Spataru MBA ’78 and Alex Spataru ’70, MBA ’79

Marilyn L. and Eugene P. Stein ’68

Ruth* and Richard Steinbach* ’57

Adele and George S. Stern ’58, MA ’59, PhD ’64

David E. Storrs ’82, MS ’83

Raymond M. Taylor Jr. ’62, MS ’66, MBA ’86

Kathleen Tipton

Diane E. Troth ’80, MS ’81 and Jeff Lawrence ’79

Ching-Chiao* and King-Ning Tu

Sandeep Vardhan ’98, MS ’03

Raj Kumari and Sumermal Vardhan P

Shirley’90 and Walter W. Wang

Dorothy and Robert M. Webb ’57, MS ’63, PhD ’67

Alan L. Wood*

Jane J. Yang PhD ’71 and Tien-Tsai Yang PhD ’68

Jennie P. PhD ’75 and William W. Yeh

Norman L. Yeung ’77

Judy Yeung

Harriet S.* ’49 and George A. Zizicas* PhD ’52