Donor Impact–2016 Boelter Society Members/Boelter Sponsors

Degrees listed for UCLA alumni.

As of June 30 (completion of 2016 fiscal year)

Boelter Sponsors – $5,000 – $9,999

Barbara and Ethan Aronoff PHD ‘71 P

Jane and William Ballhaus Jr. P

Terese and Brian Blockhus P

Fiona and Christopher Chandler ’94

Barbara and Steven Chin ’80, MS ’80 P

Christina Michele Chu ’93, MBA ’98, MS ’98

Shirley and Donald Cole ’56, MS ’65

Luisa Tam and Thomas Donahoo

Leslie and Dennis Drag MS ’69, PHD ’82

Anna Zara and Bob English ’82

Dorothea and Traugott Frederking*

Lisa ’84 and Timothy Frei ’85, MS ’87

Marjorie and Sheldon Friedlander* P

Vincent Jen-Jr Gau MS ’98, PHD ’01

Caroline Dockrell and William Goodin MS ’71, PhD ’75, ME ’82

Andrew A. Holden P

Bobby A. Kotick

Shalini MA ’71, PHD ’72 and Arun Kumar MS ’71, PhD ’74

Soyoun and Shane Lansing MS ’98

Hyun and Ae Lee

Owen Webster Lee MS ’97

Joanne Margaret Maguire MS ’78

Carey S. Nachenberg ’95, MS ’95

Aldo Cos and Gregory Pottie

Nancy ’78 and Kenneth Privitt ’77, MS ’80

Anna Swartley and David Sabih MS ’62, JD ’73 P

Claudia and John Schauerman ’79

Leslie and Takashi Shiozaki ’69

Anne and Samuel Stokes

Jeffrey Lee-Yu Su ’10

Vinita and Rajeev Tandon

Susan and Aaron Tout ’99, MBA ’08

David Kenneth Triolo ’80

Jack G. Waldron

Edith and Kang Wang

Bonnie Hom and Joyo Wijaya P

Diana Ford ’83 and James Winchester MA ’72, PhD ’80