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BOLD Honor Roll as of June 30
(completion of 2016 fiscal year)

25+ Consecutive Years

Barbara L. and Robert C. Burt* ’58

Kathleen and Louis Colombano ’56

Roberta L. Dwoskin ’72 and Leslie L. Lazar ’71

Lois P. and Joseph E. Erbs ’53

Peggy J. ’59 and David G. Frostad ’59

Nancy P. and Rodney C. Gibson MS ’66, PhD ’69 P

Judy A. and Robert A. Green ’72, JD ’75 P

Ernest R. Harris* ’49

Kirsten E. and Jonathan K. Hart MS ’84, PhD ’88

Leslie J. Holloway ’71, MAT ’73, PhD ’82 and Maurice A. King Jr. ME ’70, PhD ’78

Ann R. Karagozian ’78 and Theodore A. Sarafian

Janice and Jimmy D. Kirkgard ’53, MS ’61 P

Marian and Robert A. Masumura ’62, MS ’65, PhD ’69

Holly A. and David G. Mitchell ’77

Nancy L. and Craig R. Moles MS ’89

Deborah M. and Howard S. Nussbaum ’71, MS ’72, PhD ’76

June and Garrett Paine PhD ’66

Eleanor A. and Donald L. Patton ’61

John L. Petty ’55

Anne C. ’58 and Edward L. Smith III ’56, MBA ’59

Marilyn L. and Eugene P. Stein ’68 P

Gloria M. and John Susnir ’51

Luna* and Herbert T. Suyematsu ’58

Robert B. Wen ’73, ’78, MA ’75

Betty L. and Kenneth L. Wong ’69, MS ’72 P

Jane J. PhD ’71 and Tien-Tsai Yang PhD ’68 P