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BOLD Honor Roll as of June 30
(completion of 2016 fiscal year)

15-24 Consecutive Years

Nancie L. ’94 and Roderick C. Adams ’93

Curtis Adams and Eddie C. Chau ’89

John S. Adams ’62

Lynn and Don K. Akamine MS ’85

Agnes and Song-Haur An MS ’81, PhD ’86

Lisa L. Barker ’84

Linda S. and Richard S. Baty PhD ’70

Wanlyn and Benton O. Bejach

Andrea K. Biddle ’84 and Dean A. Zehnder MS ’86

Karlene J. ’67, PhD ’89 and Kenneth B. Bley PhD ’69

Carol P. and Daniel W. Brunton ’78, MS ’80, ME ’86

Judith A. and Raymond C. Burt ’58

Teresa Cheng MS ’84, PhD ’91 and Tom W. Kwan MS ’86, PhD ’90

Alan P. Cutter ’61, MBA ’64

Curtis L. Dahlberg ’73

Caroline Dockrell and William R. Goodin MS ’71, PhD ’75, ME ’82

Peter Y. Eng MS ’73, PhD ’76

Susan J. and Michael J. Fitzsimons MS ’85

Dorothea H. and Traugott H. Frederking*

Masaaki Fujita MS ’65

Harry R. Gail Jr. MA ’69, PhD ’83

Arnold J. Gaunt ’86

Gwendolyn O. and Eugene C. Gritton ’63, MS ’65, PhD ’67 P

Frank J. Hanzel Jr. ’79, MS ’81

Julie H. and Charles R. Hillman ’67 P

Sheila M. and Ronald G. Horspool ’65

Helen E.* and Jack W. Hoyt MS ’52, PhD ’62

Linden Hsu ’91

Kathryn C. and Reginald Jue MS ’80

Roxann M. Marumoto ’85, MS ’87 and David H. Julifs

Reynold S. Kagiwada ’60, MS ’63, PhD ’66

Karin E. and Robert E. Kelly

Elizabeth and Yong U. Kim MS ’83, PhD ’87

Joyce A. and John D. Kingman ’61, ME ’70

Haruko and Willard R. Korfhage MS ’85, PhD ’89

Lawrence J. Levy ’65

Bettina and Willard C. Loomis MS ’64, PhD ’71 P

Gowhartaj A. and Asad M. Madni ’69, MS ’72 P

Donna M. and John D. Mc Donnell ’60, MS ’65

Lillian B. and Donald P. Meena ’61

James W. Mehring MS ’74

Helmtraud G. and Philip C. Merkley ’67

James C. Middlekauff ’57

Leslie A. Momoda ’85, MS ’87, PhD ’90 and James D. Barrie ’83, MS ’85, PhD ’88

Kiyoko and Robert H. Nagaishi ’70

Anna and Won K. Ng ’58

Katsumi and Barry P. O’Brien ’83, MS ’86

Tomoko and Tsutomu T. Odajima ’61, MS ’71

Jerry Y. Ogawa ’69

Rita and William Overman ’73, PhD ’81 P

Elyse M. and Ralph E. Petzold Jr. ’66

Clara L. and Edward T. Pitkin PhD ’64

Diana Y. MS ’83, MBA ’90 and Jon L. Rewinski P

Linda L. and Edward K. Rice P

Marvin Rubinstein ’53

Nan G. and Walter C. Sainio ’63, MS ’64

Satoko and K. Frank Sayano ’58, MS ’62

Lynne M. ’66 and Jack E. Shupper ’56, MS ’58 P

Anna M. and Robert S. Siebert ’58

Charlene M. and Michael W. Sievers ’73, MS ’75, PhD ’80 P

Teresa M. and Michael H. Stafford ’66 P

Abigail B. Stimpson and J. Steven Jenkins PhD ’87

Scott T. Sullivan ’81, MS ’82

Laura M. ’77 and Howard S. Tamanaha ’77 P

Carol A. and Lawrence E. Tannas Jr. ’59, MS ’61 P

Marcia L. and Armando Tovar ’81

Norma K. and Albert A. Yamamoto ’68 P

Dennis Yasutomi ’81