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The UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science is committed to fostering strategic partnerships with industry in order to address the critical needs of workforce development, the advancement of engineering research and to support philanthropic initiatives. Through a variety of innovative programs and a well-established culture of collaboration, UCLA Engineering provides opportunities that serve the interest of both academia and industry.

Corporations from around the world partner with us to continue addressing the challenges of today’s society. These partnerships allow corporations the opportunity to be connected with a world-class institution and assist in the enhancement of the UCLA Engineering educational experience. From Fortune 500 companies to start-ups, our corporate relations team is here to provide you with a variety of opportunities to partner with UCLA Engineering.

UCLA Engineering looks to corporations as partners in recruitment,
research, and diversity impact through leadership programs.



The Industry Leaders Alliance is a collaborative approach to the unique relationship between university and industry. The goal of the Alliance is to celebrate organizational giving across all areas of the school. The Alliance provides industry partners with a chance to directly engage UCLA Engineering in order to: recruit top talent, support initiatives that align with company interests, mentor and lead students, and build a relationship with departments and faculty. Membership does not require giving to a certain fund; rather it allows industry leaders to tailor their giving plan to areas that align with their companies at four different levels.

Trailblazer $3k+ – Trailblazers are our newer or smaller companies (startups) that are looking to change the industry, while still building their brand. This level supports one recruiting event on campus.

Collaborator $25k+ – Collaborators have established a relationship with the school and support multiple important initiatives ranging from dean’s priorities to department affiliate membership.

Innovator $50k+ – Innovators propel new initiatives forward while supporting fundamental areas of need and growth for the school. Companies who give at the Innovator level may be invited to join the Dean’s Corporate Affiliate Board (DCAB).

Visionary $100k+ – Visionary members are the strongest supporters of the school and are involved in multiple dean’s priority movements and funding areas. These members have a significant impact on the direction of the school.


The Industry Leadership Alliance opens the door to the The Dean’s Corporate Advisory Board, which provides executive-level representation for industry partners who are passionate about building a holistic relationship with UCLA Engineering. By invitation from the dean, corporate executives are asked to participate based on industry alignment, prior or anticipated relationship to the school, and contribute high-level thought leadership and expertise.

Departments with Industrial Affiliate Boards (IAB) collaborate closely with corporate partners in specific areas such as research and recruiting. Membership is by department invitation only. Benefits vary by department, for more info please visit Bioengineering, Civil and Environment Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

Student Groups
The rich diversity of students in reflected in the 40+ student groups associated with UCLA Engineering. Many of our student groups have a strong focus on diversity awareness, professional training, and project development. For more information on student groups, feel free to contact us directly.



UCLA Engineering offers outreach and development programs to accelerate greater diversity in the engineering field and offer a full range of support services to students.

WE@UCLA – Women in Engineering Program at UCLA
WE@UCLA is the only initiative in the UC system dedicated exclusively to the full participation, success and advancement of women in engineering and computer science. The signature program of WE@UCLA is the WE Academy, an innovative development program designed to empower and unite female engineers. For more information.

CEED – The Center for Excellence in Engineering and Diversity
CEED works with a community of partners to ensure equity and parity in the pathways that lead to engineering and computing degrees. CEED’s strong record of retention stems from its focus on the personal, academic, and career development of economically disadvantaged and underrepresented engineering students at UCLA. For more information.


Scholarships for undergraduate students and fellowships for graduate students enhance the UCLA Engineering traditions of excellence, diversity and access, and provide donors with unparalleled opportunity to play a key role in the development of the school’s most promising students.

Chancellor’s Centennial Graduate Scholars Match:
From July 1, 2017-June 30, 2018, or until the challenge reaches capacity, the chancellor will match qualifying gifts of $250,000 to $1,000,000 at 50%.

UCLA Engineering invites you to partner with our amazing faculty who are leading cutting-edge research.
If you are interested in exploring sponsoring research, please feel free to contact us.


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