The annual Best SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) Image Contest was held January 30.The contest is sponsored by the Molecular and Nano Archaeology Laboratory, a joint venture between the Materials Science and Engineering Department at the UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science and the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology at UCLA.


SEM 1 First Place MNA Award 2015
“Gold Dendrites on a Carbon Nanotube Yarn”
Kevin Xin, materials science and engineering
Large-scale gold dendrites grown on a carbon nanotube yarn substrate.
Kevin Xin, Materials Science and Engineering
SEM 2 Second Place MNA Award 2015
“Dendritic Niobium Oxide”
Chun Han Matt Lai, materials science and engineering
Niobium oxide dendrites was observed after annealing Nb2O5/ graphene composite at 800°C under Ar.
SEM 3 Third Place Award MNA 2015
“Christmas Tree”
Diane Yu, materials science and engineering
Zinc electrodeposition dendrites.
SEM 4 First Place FEI Tony Award 2015
Rhenium-Coated Molybdenum Dendrites
Christopher Matthes, mechanical and aerospace engineering
The surface of dendritic Rhenium-coated Molybdenum.
 SEM 5 Second Place FEI Tony Award 2015
“Nickel Grass”
Chao Ma, mechanical and aerospace engineering
Electrodeposite nickel nanowires. The nanowires look bundles of grass.
 SEM 6 Third Place FEI Tony Award 2015
“Inverse opal structure of tin/sol gel hybrid”
Kumpei Kobayashi, materials science and engineering
The inverse opal structure of tin-sol gel hybrid material made by polystyrene colloidal crystal templating process.
 SEM Winners Participants of the ceremony (from left to right): Sergey Prikhodko, Director of Electron Microscopy Core; Tony Carpenter, Sales Rep., FEI; Henri Chen, nominee; Tait Mclouth, nominee; Edward Chang, nominee; Kevin Xin, 1st Place, MNA Award; Kumpei Kobayashi, 3rd Place, FEI Award; Mat Lai, 3rd Place, MNA Award; Danielle Casillas, nominee.