About The Students

school_signThe UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering educates more than 5,000 undergraduate and graduate students each year. The school’s emphasis on hands-on and cross-disciplinary education is designed to prepare students to take on the great engineering challenges of our times.

Enrollment Fall 2015

Undergraduate students: 3,238
Graduate students: 2,059
Total: 5,297

Student Demographics Fall 2015

California residents: 65.5%
International: 27.6%
Other U.S.: 6.9%
Underrepresented minorities: 10.3%
Women: 23.1%

Graduate students
California residents: 25.3%
International: 58.8%
Other U.S.: 15.9%
Underrepresented minorities: 8%
Women: 22.8%

Degrees Awarded 2014-15

Bachelor’s: 714
Master’s: 555
Engineer: 1
Doctorate: 159
Total: 1,429
For more information on enrollment and degrees, visit the UCLA Office of Academic and Student Affairs page.

Admitted Freshmen Fall 2015

Median weighted GPA: 4.5
SAT scores:
Math: 770
Reading: 690
Writing: 730
Math II*: 790
Overall: 2,190
*Not factored into overall SAT score

2015-16 Student Tuition

Undergraduate students
Resident: $12,192
Nonresident: $35,070
Graduate students
Resident: $12,192
Nonresident: $27,294
For the most current information on student fees, visit the UCLA Registrar’s Office.

“Each year, hundreds of undergraduates perform important, publishable research in close collaboration with senior faculty.”

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