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Panel Participants

Bill Wilson
Cyber Security/Subject Matter Expert
Naval Surface Warfare Center
Corona Division

Bill Wilson was born and raised in Omaha Nebraska until joining the USMC in 1973. Served 25+ years (1973 -1998) as a Radio Operator, Radio Chief, and Communications Chief. Upon retiring from the USMC in 1998, moved to Beaufort, South Carolina where Bill attended the Technical College of the Low Country, then Park University, and Webster University obtaining a Bachelor Degree in Management/Computer Information Systems and a Master Degree in Computer Resource Information/Management. While working on his under graduate degree, Bill worked at the Net Solutions, Technology Center as a Network and Computer Technician. Later, while working on his graduate degree, Bill opened his own successful Network Consulting company, became an adjunct teacher for Park University, while working full time for the Marine Corps Air Station Tactical Air Combat Training Simulator (TACTS) as a Network Administrator and Computer Analyst. In 2007, Bill moved to Temecula California and began working for NSWC Corona as an Information Assurance Professional. Eventually, Bill was assigned as the Cyber Security Subject Matter Expert, where he fostered the growth of an internal cyber security capability within the Telecommunications Engineering Division. Now serves as the Command Cyber Security Chief and Subject Matter Expert for the Department.

Bill and Lita Wilson will be celebrating 42 years of marriage later this month at a resort in Maui.